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Join us in creating a more inclusive community for adults of all abilities


About The CCP Programs

Our Community Connections Programs are community-based nonprofit programs that offer more in-depth social communication and behavioral support for adults that have  developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder.

Both of our CCP programs are designed to focus on community integration skills, seek out community resources, and provide inclusive social, recreational and educational 

opportunities for individuals that benefit from specially trained, 1:1, 2:3, or 1:2 participant to staff ratioed support.


This level of support offers more extensive opportunities to safely and meaningfully engage with their own community.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide supported access to integrated opportunities for individuals with social, communication, and behavioral challenges. Leading by example, we promote independence and inclusion by developing a network of community partnerships and educating the community at large about true all-abilities inclusion.

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Get Involved

Pioneer Programs' CCP program believes in the power of community and welcomes community partners, donors, and our trained volunteers to join us in creating a more inclusive culture in San Diego.


In the Community


  • Volunteering at community outreach venues to work on social and vocational skills. 

  • Shopping, cooking, and activities that build practical daily skills.

  • Practicing social skills in restaurants, cafes, etc.

  • Attending community festivals, sporting, and cultural events.

  • Riding public transportation - the bus, trolley, trains, ferry, etc.

  • Participating in integrated social recreational activities and venues such as community recreation centers and programs.

  • Accessing museums, zoos, amusement parks, and other unique San Diego experiences.

... and so much more!!!

Our Unique Impact

For Program Participants

  • Increase experience and accessibility to community venues relevant to each participant and their individual life-circumstances, preferences, and developed skill sets.

  • Obtain skills to navigate and manage anxiety-inducing situations, environments, and relationships more independently and successfully thereby reducing reliance on paid support services.​

  • Increase situationally appropriate behavioral and social skill development, generalization, and maintenance that leads to the ability to participate in the least restrictive programs or settings in adult life.

  • Increase ability to build and maintain organic supportive social relationships and networks.​

  • Improve the prospects for living in the least restrictive environments, whether home or with peers, to the extent possible.​

  • Maintain the skills that foster a community of life-long support systems to help increase the power of choice, maximize independence, and improve general quality of life.

For The Community

The Community Connections Program creates a unique and powerfully positive impact on not only the participant’s quality of life, but also naturally occurring community networks and venues.

CCP's goal is to help reshape the way the community at large looks at developmental disabilities by providing businesses, organizations, and community leaders with practical real-world examples of how to meaningfully include individuals of all abilities in their culture.


“The independence, growth, community involvement, and social fulfillment our young adult son with autism has gained from being a part of CCP has been remarkable. The program has provided so many opportunities for him to participate and be a contributing member of the community."     

Ilene Z., CCP Parent

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