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CCP Community Inclusion Day Program

  • CCP will provide collaborative and experiential opportunities to identify and train for chosen community, social, educational, volunteer/vocational, and supported community opportunities, relationships, and services.

  • We have a strong autism and behavioral support team, led and trained by our Certified Autism Specialist and supported by our Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA). CCP’s Direct Support Team is trained in the principals of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as well as other evidence-based practices and best common-sense practices for adults with communication and behavioral challenges in dynamic, social community settings.

  • CCP is completely community based. There are designated drop off and pick up meeting locations, but we are in the community for the entire session. Program participants must be able to stay community-bound for at least 4.5 hours.

  • Our program participants require a 1:1, 2:3, or 1:2 level of staff support most days to safely and actively engage and participate in all their community has to offer.

  • All program participants have unique Community Inclusion Skills and Stragegies documented, of which data is collected on daily progress.


Community Opportunities & Inclusive Options Exploration

  • Volunteering in community outreach venues to work on social and vocational skills such as food pantries, beach and park clean-ups, gardening projects, computer recycling programs, and many more.

  • Shopping, cooking, and activities that build daily living skills.

  • Accessing inclusive social, recreational, educational, and cultural venues.

  • Building safety and community navigation skills in a variety of inclusive community settings.

  • Participating in integrated recreational activities with neurotypical adults (clubs, community centers, recreation programs, libraries, YMCA, etc.)

  • Visiting college and community college campuses, college sporting events, or other venues.

  • Attending busy, integrative community festivals, sporting, and artistic events.

  • Riding public transportation - the bus, trolley, trains, ferry, etc. to get to some community locations and promote independence.

  • Eating in a variety of restaurants and cafes to practice dining skills.

  • Attending museums, zoos, amusement parks and other educational San Diego venues.

Community Access, Connection, and Inclusion

The Community Connections Program creates a unique and powerfully positive impact on not only the participant’s quality of life, but also brings years of experience to bear on the training of naturally occurring community networks.

The CCP team assesses, identifies, and trains participants on individual self-management and support strategies, seeks a multitude of inclusion opportunities, cooperatively discovers natural and meaningful community partners and friendship networks that could be relevant components and resources for the next stage of their lives. These components and resources may include but not be limited support in educational, volunteer, or vocational training and recreational and social opportunities in a variety of community settings.

Community Connections Program believes that every individual has the right to live his or her life with the dignity, respect, and security afforded as a human being. Community access, accommodation, and inclusion are critical cornerstones for our unique young adults. Therefore, our program focuses on creating an environment of success for individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities by bridging transition-gaps and supporting the step forward into adult living. Through the Community Connections Program’s adults with developmental disabilities will be afforded opportunities to access the community and engage in the same activities in which their typically developing peers participate. Emphasis will be set on providing access to the least restrictive environments and fading back the amount of support needed for success.

This remarkable component of the CCP program is what sets it apart from other programs – the Community Connections Program recognizes that authentic inclusion requires training of all stakeholders to facilitate the highest quality of life and meaningful participation in their own communities.


Training – Natural Community & Adult Life Supports

Our participants require additional attention to current skills, introduction to and training of new skills and individualized learning programs to acquire life skills to live their life their terms.

CCP provides the tools needed for young adults to develop and generalize functional, culturally appropriate, and socially conventional skills needed across integrated community environments. Our focus is on community and life skill acquisition in relevant, naturalistic settings as well as building organic supports within the community itself. Our training program is designed with historical awareness of what has been learned in which setting, how generalization of those skills will need to be taught, and based on the participant’s chosen life, work, and volunteer activities. Our team at CCP has years of experience in this type of assessment, design, and implementation of programming.

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